SCA device icons for Macintosh and Windows computers along with a PNG file for web use.

I was playing around with icons back in Jan of 06 and I chose to start a project of creating Icons for the SCA. My first hi-res icons were for my SCA project folders so I decided to continue working on them for other devices. I was also interested in making the icons for the windows platform along with the ones for my Mac. 

Briefly for any reader not familiar with the SCA, Heraldry and Heraldic devices click through to the links to find out more.

As part of another project I helped out with the Kingdom of Trimaris for gifts to the other Kingdoms I have created hi-res artwork for all the kingdom devices. These I will use to eventually create all the Kingdom icons for anyones use.

To get reference art I used what I could from the net and did a lot of redrawing in Illustrator. Eventually the art is moved into Photoshop so I can create an image with a transparency mask. This is imported into Apple's Icon Composer (found in the developer tools available with the system install disk). I then import the ICNS file into Pixadex from the Icon Factory and from there I can export the Windows ICO file and the PNG.

I based the style on the the Device Badge found on the page 

Below are Windows ICO and Macintosh ICNS files. There is also a PNG which can be used for the web. These are 128 x 128 with a mask and transparency.

Click to download the "ICNS" or "ICO" file. If your browser gives you trouble such as loading the file up as text just Right Mouse Click or equivalent to download to your hard drive. The images themselves are the PNG files.

(If I get a chance I will list some Icon instructions.)