Shaston Postscript Font

ShastonPS 36pt

Preview of ShastonPS Font

I created this printer version of the bitmap font Shaston from Matt Chisholm which is based on the Apple IIgs font of the same name. In one of the news groups

I periodically read the Usenet group and an Alex Lee had a query about a particular font based on an Apple IIgs font. When I have an opportunity I try to give help in the groups so i looked for the font in question and found only a bitmap version so I fired up an old font program and decided to make the Font. This was a fierce attempt to procrastinate about some other project I was working on but at least it was constructive.

This was hand drawn using Matt’s bitmap font as the basis all the characters in the bitmap are present in this printer version. If there are any problem characters or suggestions feel free to contact me.

I created this with my older version of Fontographer and used FontForge to open and export the font to the OpenType version.

I have used it on my own computers and had no problems I make no guarantees as to it’s stability and effect on your computer. Use at your own risk.

Below you will find the the cross platform OpenType version and the Windows TrueType version.

This font is licensed under the GNU GPL